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All articles published on Mukundapur.com are personal opinions of us and guest writers. Its sole purpose is to increase knowledge and reach Mukundapur.com as much as possible.In some articles published here, the pictures / photos received from Google search have been widely used. Whose purpose is simply to disseminate knowledge. If there is objection to a gentle man / institution, they will be removed.

We wrote the information written on Mukundapur.com with full sincerity. Together we also believe that there may be errors in the information given here. We have tried to write here briefly on the introduction of great people (biography), good thoughts, priceless ideas, and other inspirational topics. Which we consider to be our fate, but also want to let them know that some of the information written in our articles has been collected from Google, newspapers and other places. Or the guest writings are written through Here we have tried to write it more and more new but we do not claim to be completely right. Before you use this information in any way, check it out from other places.

All the articles posted here are written for the purpose of motivating and motivating people. If any gentleman / institution has an incorrect error in it, we will immediately update it with a comment and email.